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The Idiot Next to Me
Yes, I'm Serious.

You are all idiots... still.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Yea yea... I'm back. Too many idiots to just sit back and watch. People are stupid and need to be exploited. I feel it is my duty as an asshole to do such.

For example... I just got sick... I know, that's what I get... karma and all that... so I go to the doctor and he tells me that I am going to lose my eye and may have brain damage. Yea... so I'm freaking out. I start thinking that I'm going to end up all dumb and have speach problems and not be able to do simple math and stop using the letter "g". (huntin, fishin, watch uh doin). The doctor tells me to relax, that brain damage does not mean that I am moving to the south side of OKC.

But what about all the other stuff... the eye loss, the brain damage... and it's only getting worse he says.

So I go get a second opinion a few days later... Pink Eye. Basic childhood eye infection. She makes fun of my other doctor and gives me some medicated eye drops... a few days later I'm as good as new with clear vision and no mouth breathing or mulletts.

So my other doctor is an idiot... I have a new doctor... and an empty karma pot ready to fill again.

Stay tuned to hear about my promotion at work and all the idiots involved in that...
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  • WELCOME BACK! I missed you and your idiots. :) Can't wait to hear all about the promotion and the NEW idiot next to you.

    And what a relief about the eye thingy...I'd sue that other dumbass for mental anguish or something... ;)

    By Blogger aka_monty, at October 21, 2005 at 11:32 AM  
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