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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well... since most of you wont think... either because you choose not to or because the man keeps your mental stimulation down... how about trying to read?

I came across an article about a man who wants to sue his VOIP service provider because he couldn't reach 911 and his 4 year old son almost died.

Before reading on... lets see a show of hands for everyone who knows the problem here... go on, stick your arm out your front door or window...

Let me give you a few more details... The father (I use the term loosely) ordered Voice Over IP telephone service as a replacement for his home phone. He also canceled his mobile phone as he has opened his own home based business and doesn't need a phone when he is away from home.

Figured it out yet? That's right... he didnt read... anything... ever.

Now I have worked in telephony for a while... from digital land line service to mobile phones... I myself use a VOIP service on my PC. However, before I had this experience... I knew that you may not get in contact with 911 using VOIP. How do I know this? I took the time to research the service I was paying for.

Okay... so the guy didnt read his contract or his terms of service... or even the FAQ... but hey... somewhere in the house he still has his old deactivated cell phone! (show of hands again please)

Oh wait... he never in his life saw an article about 911 and E911 service being accessable from a cellphone. He never looked it up... but who would? He was paying (at the bare minimum) $40.00 per month for service and he never bothered to read anything about it, ever. If he would have, he would know that you can dial 911 from a deactivated cellphone.

So this idiot called the VOIP provider at 2am and demanded that he be transfered to the home phone of the CEO so he could complain about (his lack of reading and personal knowledge) poor service... that he knows nothing about.

Translation for the idiots out there: If your cheap phone service doesnt let you dial 911 you can use your cell phone even if the cell phone service is disconnected.

For those of you who don't know... and for those of you who are rotten parents and put all your faith and trust into a cheap phone system alternative... get the facts and get a mirror before you start finger pointing.

Read, think, click... 911 VOIP info and 911 from a disconnected mobile phone (tough one there) and (the FCwho?)

From the FCC site:

Basic 911 Rules

The FCC’s Basic 911 rules:

  • Require wireless carriers to transmit all 911 calls to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), regardless of whether the caller subscribes to the carrier’s service or not.


Should I keep my traditional phone line after I subscribe to VoIP service? Top
Yes. 9-1-1 industry leaders recommend that you keep your traditional phone line in addition to your VoIP phone service in order to successfully access 9-1-1 services and to have telephone access during a power outage.

(pretty much the whole FAQ)

When young people commit crimes or kill others, society blames Marilyn Manson and video games... Who gets the blame when a parent almost lets his 4 year old son die because the parent chose to be an idiot?

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