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The Bard

Monday, January 31, 2005
I went to see the OSP presentation of Romeo and Juliet. As always, OSP put on a wonderful presentation. Myself being a 'once upon a time' thespian, I noticed that, as the bard once said himself, many players played several parts. Which brought me to my next ambition. I am going to contact OSP and request notification of any future auditions. It is my belief that if they have one actor playing more then one part then they are possible short on Elizabethan actors.

I miss the theatre and would love to have the time to commit myself full time to a main stage performance. Perhaps a bit part would quench my thirst.

For more info on the OSP click here.

Come on people...

Sunday, January 30, 2005
I'm surrounded by them!

So someone took a survey of internet users and discovered that its still 1995. I could understand this 10 years ago when everything was 'new' (although it wasnt really new) and the general american public thought that computers and the internet was rocket science... but this is all old stuff now.

It's seems that 1 in 6 people who use a search engine on the internet click 'unknowingly' on ads when they are searching for various things. 1 in 6 people cannot tell the difference between an ad and a search result.

A large percentage (almost 50%) said that they would stop using search engines if they didnt make the search results stand out from the ads more clear.

Search engine results all have the same format, the title of the site, then the discreption of the site, and some content from that site followed by the actual URL.
Ads on the other hand look nothing like this. Ads look like the thing in the bottom right hand of this site. (a spot where I place my google ads).

Even more people fall for those pop up ads that look like windows error messages about your computer running slow or that you have a virus.

It's simple really... know what you are looking for. If you are looking for lyrics to the latest Britney song then dont click on the pictire of britney that says 'Get her new C.D. now!'.

Here are some tips:
No one is really giving away a free iPod, no one is really giving away a free lap top, and no, you dont really have a PLayStation 2 waiting to be claimed. Smashing the roach, punching the monkey, or catching the robber will not get you anything but tons of spam mail and a few spyware programs.

If you are not looking for 'Paris Hilton Video' then dont click anything that says it. If you are searching for '1957 Ford Thunderbirds', then dont click something that says you can get 'perscriptions filled free'.

Do yourself a favor, go to and get an anti spyware program, install it and run it. Then head on over to the good people at and get yourself a browser (the thing you surf the web with) that really blocks pop ups.

Both of these are free and easy to install. Also, start fresh with a new email address... dont use this address for anything but close trusted friends, businesses you can trust (local phone and cable company, ect...) and work. Then make another email account that you use for filling out forms. This 'junk' email account will be where all your spam, active X emails (nasty emails that have built in spy ware) and various other unwanted email will go.

I can't believe you people made me post on a weekend.

Source: Full story here

Too tired to drink another one? Not anymore!

Saturday, January 29, 2005
Anheuser-Busch Launches Remarkable New Beverage Beer drinkers were going strong at midnight on New Year's Eve, celebrating with BE, which features caffeine, ginseng and guarana as Budweiser's newest entry in a long line of innovative beers.

Due to tremendous interest in the new brew, Anheuser-Busch has pushed up the launch date to satisfy consumer demands.
"BE is generating excitement for Anheuser-Busch," said Dawn Roepke, brand manager, New Products, Anheuser-Busch, Inc."In October we quietly rolled out BE in 55 cities. The response proves that BE gives today's highly social contemporary adults what they're searching for in their beverage of choice."

BE is beer infused with caffeine, guarana and ginseng. Well balanced with select hops and aromas of blackberry, raspberry and cherry, BE offers a lightly sweet and tart taste – a great mixture of beer and new flavors for adults to enjoy.

"BE is a great beverage and really showcases Anheuser-Busch's innovative culture," said Roepke. "BE goes right up against mixed drinks and will help us maintain and grow our share of contemporary adults who have many choices in today's competitive market."

In test markets since mid-October, the brew has caused a sensation in bars and clubs with consumers enjoying the new beverage over ice as it goes head-to-head against mixed drinks.

Brewed at Anheuser-Busch's Houston, Baldwinsville and Cartersville Breweries, BE is packaged in a sleek, slim-line 10-ounce can with stylish graphics and coming soon a new 10-ounce slope-shoulder, shrink-wrapped bottle. BE is priced slightly higher than Budweiser and marketed through local and national print advertising and numerous non-traditional elements.

Based in St. Louis, Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. is the leading U.S. brewer and holds a 50 percent share in Grupo Modelo, Mexico's leading brewer. In a survey of 10,000 business leaders and securities analysts, Anheuser-Busch ranked first overall in quality of products and services among nearly 600 companies researched in FORTUNE magazine's 2004 "America's Most Admired Companies" listing. The company also is one of the largest theme park operators in the United States, is a major manufacturer of aluminum cans and is the world's largest recycler of aluminum beverage containers. For more information, visit or

Pokemon causes cancer.

It's True!

Few things provoke as severe a love/hate reaction as Pokemon games. That said, even the most rabid Pikachu-basher wouldn't accuse the franchise of being carcinogenic (though the TV show based on the games was accused of causing seizures). However, in the purest technical sense, "Pokemon" does cause cancer. That's because "Pokemon" is also the name of a cancer-causing gene that was recently discovered. In a study published in the January 20 issue of Nature, researchers at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer outline how they isolated the POK Erythroid Myeloid Ontogenic factor--or POKEMON, for short. What's next? A leukemia gene called Dragon Ball Z? A terminal case of Yu-Gi-Oh! Syndrome?


Ever taken one of those tests over at quizilla ? Entertaining.

Might have to do a few of them while at work tomorrow.

G'night till then.

PSP Bundles at

Friday, January 28, 2005
GameStop has put up 3 different bundles for the PSP launch on it's website. Now, while I dont like GameStop much after what they did with the EQII disaster, I will say that these bundles look nice.

They also have a release date of 03/01. March seems to be consistant, but we will see when it gets closer.

Check them out, and while you are there, they also have pre ordering now too!

GameStop's PSP Page

A long long time ago...

The 'crawl' for Episode III has been posted on the offical site.

Here is a link to the image of all 6 crawls

War! The Republic is crumbling
under attacks by the ruthless
Sith Lord, Count Dooku.
There are heros on both sides.
Evil is everywhere.
Click the link to read the full crawl.


So he (the idiot) thinks himself so much higher then everyone else in this dept because he will go a little extra mile to help people on the phones. We only talk to other employees or 3rd party support in this dept. He thinks that refusing to talk to anyone or help with *any* problem is an act of being lazy.

So I just heard him say 'We dont talk to customers but go ahead and send them over' then slammed his hand down on his desk.

I think I am going to name this profile of him 'Cry baby idiot delta'.
He has to have more then one personality.

Bitching about him here is preventing me from going off on him. He should thank me.


I really dont know what to say... check it out yourself.

How interesting. Anyone heard this yet? Might have to kazza/ares/bit.torrent it later.

Not that I'm a pirate or anything.


Okay, so an email goes out today... and it states that something that is done to accounts is to be done by another department... so I send someone to that department to get it done and the idiot next to me (TINtM) asks why I didn't just do it myself. He asks if I got the email today, I said I did and started reading the email to him. He did his little 'never mind' song and dance that he does. He goes to the other side of the room and starts sucking up to the other people in this department.

What an a-hole. I don't tell you how to handle the poeple you talk to, nothing I am doing is having an effect on you, so S.T.F.U.!!!

I'm ready to snap on the poor boy... Truly snap... maybe start with a nice tongue lashing that should make him do his little 'never mind' song and dance till his head falls off.

I think in a former life, he was a prison bitch who felt neglected because he was cheated on.


Well, I'm waiting on my ride to work watching snow fall. Now all we need is for it to freeze up and make the roads bad.

I rented King Arthur lastnight... Don't bother. Poor acting, predictable plot, bad fake accents.


Thursday, January 27, 2005
So I'm sick. I have a cold or some shit. I am moving 8 days. I sooo do not want to be sick when I am moving.

My day is almost at an end here at work. Time to go home and pack... dont really feel up to it, might just pack a little then hit the sack.

On and on

And yea... he is talking on the phone now... I bet he tries to have the same conversation with the person on the phone as he was having with us... and yep, I just heard him... he is.

The other day he was talking to me about the game... about something specific about it... I tried to make it obvious that I had no interest in it... I did at first, but not 45 min later talking about the same thing... so anyway, he calls his brother and starts the exact same conversation with him.

He needs help.


He is sitting there talking about a damn video game. (dont get me wrong, I like video games) to the point that no one is listening and yet he is still talking...

A co worker is standing behind him making the sign of someone talking too much with hsi hand.

He will read a moment from a magazine then put it down and say something stupid like 'poeple in PvP battles dont drink healing potions' then read a little more and continue this process on and on...

...and he repetes himself!!!


So the jackass is sitting there listening to some audio file from the internet about some guy calling 911 about a car wreck or something like that... and he says 'this is fake' like 11 times! OMFG! Shut up already! He said it in the span of 20 seconds.

This is the same guy who if you talk too loud in his direction he panics and covers his ears and starts yelling at you.

You wont believe this

I decided to start blogging things about this idiot next to me and other various thing that stick out in my day. So yea, I'll be sporting the famous blog catch phrase of 'I'm blogging this!'.

The guy is an idiot... more to come.